Handcrafted Dolls

  • baby doll hugs blue front

    Baby Doll Blue

  • baby doll hugs pink front

    Baby Doll Pink

  • Mia doll front

    Mia Pigtails Crochet Doll

  • pink sleepy doll amigurumi

    Pink Sleepy Head Crochet Doll

  • Lolita doll standing front

    Princess Lolita Crochet Doll

  • crochet clown doll front

    Smiley the Crochet Clown

  • Tommy Redhead front

    Tommy Redhead Crochet Doll


Handcrafted Pets

  • Crochet Teddy Bear Standing

    Billy the Stylish Bear Crochet Pet

  • green dino crochet left

    Dino the Dinosaur Crochet Pet

  • Froggy blanket front

    Froggy Blanket Buddy

  • crochet cuddly bunny front

    Hoppy the Cuddly Bunny Crochet Pet

  • brown monkey crochet front

    Monkey Business Crochet Pet

  • red small pig crochet side

    Piggy Wiggly Crochet Pet

  • Purple_Paisley_Teddy_Bear_Front

    Purple Paisley Teddy Bear

  • cute crochet kitty orange sherbet front

    Toby the Tabby Cat Crochet Pet


Handcrafted Accessories

  • Colorful crochet clutch purse

    Crochet Clutch Purse

  • crochet granny pocket purse

    Crochet Granny Pocket Purse

  • crochet pocket purse front

    Crochet Pocket Purse

  • flower crochet headband

    Flower Crochet Headband


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